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Spirit of Light





New York Pilsner


100% NYS Cascade & Vojvodina

Excelsior Pilsner, Sugar Pils, and Finger Lakes Flaked Corn


*NYS Farm Beer 100% NYS Malt 100% NYS Hops.

The Story

Spirit of Light is inspired by one of Syracuse's most iconic views, the sculpture adorning the historic art deco Niagara Mohawk building. Fortunately, if you're at the brewery you don't have to go far to see it, just look outside (and up!)

The NYS ingredients are the star of the show in this beer. Excelsior Pilsner malt, Sugar Pils, and Finger Lakes Flaked Corn provide a light, clean, slightly-sweet body. NYS Vojvodina hops provide a classic noble character with hints of cedar and tobacco, while late addition Cascade hops give this crisp, refreshing Pilsner a bit of brightness.

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